Petty Beach page 21

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Petty Beach page 21

So – i’m putting this up here purely because I’m having some temporary trouble uploading it on the site I normally do. Yeah. Long time no see WordPress. Weird.



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Yet another blog type space, until I get my website up and running.


Retarded Flannel Cat

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Bigface in the City

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I guess I just wondered what it’d be like to have a massive face. Surely you’d just spend your day playing with its…bigness. Yeah, fucking profound, I know.

Total Wreck

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Happy New Year everyone, hope its a good one. I intend to spend mine just like how I spent last years…

…like this >

Masochism World

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I remember when I first started uploading stuff on the web, years ago on deviantart, the first couple of pieces I put up were named after Hüsker Dü songs. They obviously had a way with words that applied to my art.

Feotus Animation

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But here’s an animation. I wouldn’t normally shove this in your face, but It’s like my first good drawn stop-frame animation.

So here’s a picture of the “lightbox” I used to make it…classy, I know. I basically tilted my lamp backwards, strapped on some cardboard and stuck an empty CD case on top. Below are some of the preliminary sketches of foetal development I’d made.